Zea Harbour Project

The Zea Harbour Project (ZHP) – a combined land and underwater archaeological investigation of the ancient harbours of Zea and Mounichia – was launched in 2002. ZHP’s mission is to survey, excavate, and publish the archaeological remains of the naval bases of the Piraeus, including the harbour fortifications and the shipsheds that housed Athens’ fleet of triremes. Over the past ten years ZHP has made a number of important discoveries in the field. In order to obtain and present a better understanding of the naval bases of the Piraeus – the back-bone of the Athenian Democracy during the city-state’s Golden Age – our work also includes, among other activities, archival research, exhibitions, and lectures to both the scholarly world and to the general public. This ‘About’ section will be further developed later this year, so please visit again.

Reconstruction of the shipsheds at Zea Harbour

The ZHP operates under the auspices of the Danish Institute at Athens and is directed by Dr. Bjørn Lovén, Associate Fellow in Maritime Archaeology at the University of Southern Denmark. The project is supervised by the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities and the 26th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities. The Carlsberg Foundation has been the project’s principal sponsor since 2004 (a detailed list of sponsors will be published soon).